Unfurnished Apartments Cleaning Service

Empty Flat Deep Cleaning

1- Bedroom. Cupboard Cleaning from outside & Inside

2- Windows. Windows Cleaning & Grills Cleaning

3- Lighting Fixtures. Lighting Fixtures Dry Cleaning (Light, bulb, Switch Plate Cleaning)

4- Floor Scrubbing. Floor Scrubbing Manually

5- Dry Dusting. A dry dusting of Walls d ceiling and fan, Shelves and cabinets from outside, and open shelves if emptied we clean.

6- Bathroom Cleaning. Showers and Taps, Windows & Exhaust Fan, Floor, Tile Scrubbing, WC & Washbasin Cleaning.

7- Cobweb removal. All Area.

8- Kitchen Cleaning. Window & Exhaust Fan Cleaning. Wiping of Appliances from Outside, Cabinets from inside and outside, Kitchen Platform Cleaning, Cobwebs Removal, a dry dusting of walls and ceiling, and Floor Scrubbing Manually.

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