Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning - 1500 Sqft

Reception Area Deep Cleaning

Dusting of furniture, Dusting and cleaning of partition glasses and light fixtures Removal of dirt and dust of hardwood surfaces.

Overall Office Deep Cleaning

Dusting of cushions, ceilings, telephones, desks, chairs and tables, General Dusting of computers, keyboards, mouse, etc. Carpet vacuuming and cleaning individual cubicles/workstations

Office Washroom Deep Cleaning
Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing, Vent and blind Dusting, Wash Closet and Wash Basin Cleaning and Stainless and spotless Mirrors
Equipment Used
Rubber Gloves, Feather Duster, Scrubbing Brush, Mops, Sponges, Squeegee, Toilet Wand, Toilet Brush, Black Mould Brush, Cleaning Solution, Vacuum Cleaners, Trash Bags, etc.
Service Time

6-8 Hrs

Number of Servicemen

2-8 (depending on size)

₹8,999.00 Upto 1000 Sqft

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